A native of Chicago, Jeff Zimmermann has achieved national and international recognition for his large scale murals featuring painted images of contemporary pop culture and sensitively rendered portraits. Zimmermann’s pop-culture references range from innocuous consumer products such as beer cans, hard candy rings, and high healed shoes, to more symbolically charged images like pistols and portraits of political figures. The images are discrete and floating, knitted together by geometric areas of flat color. The overall aesthetic is smooth and sensual: shiny metal and glossy surfaces, rendered in saturated colors. Zimmermann’s paintings have the sex appeal of commercial art, and any irony surrounding that connection is light and playful. The artist’s background as a graphic designer explains his shrewd use of flashy and graphic forms which also permeate the mass media (Zimmermann’s self-proclaimed competition), operating on the theory that we all deeply love flashy stuff. Read Full Bio.

Just a few of the media outlets to feature Zimmermann’s work include The New York Times, The Today Show, Crain's, Dialogue, Elle Decor, Interior Design Magazine, Modern Luxury Interiors, PBS Chicago Tonight and PBS Kids.

Select Commissions

Almost Home Kids
The Chicago Bulls
The Chicago Marathon
The Chicago Cubs 
The City of Chicago
The City of Memphis
Conagra Brands 
The Environmental Protection Agency
Friedman Properties
Gilbane Development Company 
Indiana State University
Jack Morton Worldwide 
Kendall College, Grand Rapids,MI
Lebron James
Lulu Lemon
Makers Mark
Merchandise Mart Properties
Ogilvy & Mather
Saks Fifth Ave
Tanta Restaurant
The United Nations
Whole Foods Market